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Tomorrow's an exciting day indeed. Our movie "Baking for beginners" will not just be shown but has also been nominated on REX Filmfestival, so wish me luck and maybe I'll see you there! Obviously I should have announced this earlier but I am just too bad at blogging stuff, hence my lack of updates.
Been ages since I put something up here and I apologize for that, just been so busy animating and it's very time consuming. Just to prove that I'm actually doing something I decided to to put up some experiments and sketches on my current work and school projects, despite the risk of being nagged on. The finished products will probably reach DA eventually but can't say when and I can't promise anything concerning the P3 project, will have to check with the bosses first once everything is done.
Captain's journal, earthdate 1602.1. I have just woken up from my one year long hibernation and I am now ready not to just bring new quality paintings to the table but cartoony storyboards and animations aswell. I shall try my best to keep my devious observers updated.
Captain's journal, earthdate 1502.3. I have entered the spectacular deviantart website and uploaded my very first entry! There’s lots more to come, but I will take it slow, letting my work gently assimilate into its new foreign environment.

PS: My intention is to upload a new piece every Monday, so keep your eyes peeled and don't forget to drop comments!